Safelite NEXT Conference - Project info
For Safelite's 3-in-1 Big Event Conference, Quake had the exciting task of expanding on the Brand Refresh. The goal was to create a memorable story that would inspire the audience to unite as ambassadors for Safelite's future. The focus was on shedding old practices and collaborating to enhance the experience for technicians, customers, clients, and policyholders.

As this event would serve as the debut of Safelite's Brand Refresh to many associates and clients, it was essential to announce it in a manner that would build anticipation for "what's next" and foster excitement about the future direction of Safelite.
Design: Cody Sennyuen, Dana Mevorach
Creative Direction: Barry Quinn
Illustration: Andrea Vercetti
Animation: Cody Sennyuen
Client: Safelite            
Agency: Quake

For the conference identity, a system of arrows was developed to serve as a graphic element symbolizing progress and direction. These arrows not only conveyed the concept of "next" but also doubled as wayfinding tools, guiding attendees through the event. The design was intentionally made modular, allowing for easy application across various materials such as banners, digital boards, posters, and more, regardless of the layout or format.


A series of dynamic animations was crafted to inject energy and excitement into the event, aiming to captivate attendees and enhance the overall experience. These animations were not only intended to add flair to the conference but also to make the presentations of the speakers more engaging and impactful.


Attendees were pleasantly surprised to find a swag bag awaiting them in their hotel rooms, containing essentials for the event. Inside, they discovered their event badges, t-shirts, collectible pins, event brochures, and other exciting goodies, adding to the excitement and anticipation for the upcoming conference.


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